The company specializes in research and development, design, manufacture, installation, hourly production of 2 of Dayton ~ 20 Dayton device

Feed machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Bio-organic fertilizer machinery

Network model of the pellet mill, roller, etc. ... the whole plant equipment


Ongoing progress is one major target mankind is after at all times and high-tech is among the leading tasks at this time. As all businesses are making efforts in pursuing impeccable quality to meet the market demand, cost increase turns inevitable. Since the founding of the plant in 1971, we have come building experiences for decades and, by applying high-tech, the engineers have been have been relentlessly researching, innovating, manufacturing and releasing feeds-making machines as an turn-key system with the expectation of reducing production cost in the livestock industry. The company has been awarded various patents in agricultural machinery by Bureau of Standards, metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs and, as retribution to the preference and support rendered by the livestock industry and the like over the years, we have been introducing CNC perforating machines and high-chromium steel screens of genuine materials from Europe at large sums for products of mirror-like holes at even pitches for improved output of steel screens, on the other hand, the rollers enjoy a sound service life that helps reducing the cost. We offer a full range of rollers for particulating machine screens at affordable prices and of premium quality. Just call us, thanks!


Professional planning manufacturing:

We offer turn-key production systems for feeds for livestock and fish-farming. Design, manufacture, export, installation, instructions and trials of machinery and equipment.